You can either stay in Eton or Windsor (or Slough if you donít mind staying in the concrete jungle!). Windsor is nearer the ceremony, Eton nearer the reception. If you stay in Eton itís a two min walk to Windsor, but a much shorter drive from the reception because of the pedestrian bridge. You could always get dropped off in Eton if you are getting a taxi back to Windsor and want to save £5 and walk two mins!

That all sounds very complicated Ė have a look at the map!

Hotels in Windsor are expensive and getting booked up because one of the big hotels is being refurbished. You may want to book accommodation sooner rather than later or it will get even more expensive!

Approx prices for a double room.

Castle Hotel £130+
Sir Christopher Wren Hotel £175+
The Harte and Garter - Closed for refurbishment
Royal Adelaide Hotel £125
Langton House B&B £75-£85
Clarence Hotel £55-£75
The Trooper Pub £65
Jameson Lodge £55
Park Farm £65-£85
Rutlands £60-£65
The Dorset £65-£80

The Christopher Hotel £110
Crown and Cushion Pub Ė B&B £59-£79

Self Catering Accommodation 3 cottages with double beds, and single sofa chairs. To book it out completely they sleep 12 and would cost £220 I think.

Premier Travel Inn £51
Travelodge £26