Msg 8 - From Tom and Jerry on 29th Sep 10 10:34
thhhhhhats all folks!
Msg 7 - From Chloe and Adam on 30th Aug 06 11:28
hi everyone what a great website love to you both xxxxx
Msg 6 - From HRH Prince Charles on 29th Aug 06 16:37
I cant believe you and Miranda have copied me Camilla and I by having your wedding in the Guildhall Windsor
Msg 5 - From Richard and Judy on 29th Aug 06 16:36
Good Morning
Msg 4 - From Dale Winton on 29th Aug 06 15:23
Msg 3 - From George and Jana on 29th Aug 06 15:05
Spadla ti gay klub karta
Msg 2 - From George Sexton on 29th Aug 06 15:05
I thought this would be the best time to tell you all. I'm Gay
Msg 1 - From Tim and Alena on 29th Aug 06 15:04
I like big Buts and i cannot lie